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SINFO is an annual event organised exclusively by college students who strive for a more interesting and ground-breaking event each edition.

Portugal Portugal, Lisbon, Instituto Superior Técnico 

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2nd Accessibility Camp Bay Area

Free Event on Making Tech Accessible and Usable to People with Disabilities

United States United States, Mountain View 

jQuery UK 2015

The UK's largest front-end developer conference

England England, Oxford, The King's Centre  Buy tickets

PHP Australia Conference

Australia’s first ever PHP Conference

Australia Australia, Sydney 

Kalamazoo X 2015

The X conference is the other half of your career; The half that makes you stand out.

United States United States, Kalamazoo 

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WriteSpeakCode Conference 2015

women developers helping each other become thought leaders, conference speakers, and open source contributors

United States United States, New York 

Úll 2015

A conference about building great products, inspired by Apple.

Ireland Ireland, Killarney, The Europe Hotel & Resort


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