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Industry 2014

An Event for Web Professionals

England England, Newcastle upon Tyne, The CastleGate  Buy tickets

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Craft Conf 2014

CRAFT is about craftsmanship, which tools, methods, practices should be part of the toolbox of a modern developer and company, and it is compass on new technologies, trends. You can learn from the best speakers and practitioners in our community.

Hungary Hungary, Budapest 

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GopherCon 2014

United States United States, Denver 

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Главная питерская конференция о юзабилити, UX и создании цифровых продуктов, ориентированных на человека.

Russia Russia, St. Petersburg, PetroCongress 

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Kalamazoo X Conference

Knowledge Worker; Soul In The Machine

United States United States, Kalamazoo, Fetzer Center 

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JS Unconf

The JavaScript Unconference

Germany Germany, Hamburg, Geomatikum 

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DotYork Conference 2014

A one-day conference for people who make websites.

England England, York, City Screen Picturehouse 

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The future of hardware

Germany Germany, Berlin 

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